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About Us/Our History
The old North Andover Shop.
Langmeier Lumber has been in business for more than 30 years! It all started when Tom Langmeier took a job as the truck driver for North Andover Building Supply, owned by Romaine Dittmeier. He worked there throughout his high school years by delivering and stacking lumber until 1983 when he became Romaine’s partner. At this time he took on several more roles, which included being the yard manager and estimator for the company. He bought the company from Romaine and renamed it Langmeier Lumber in 1988.

Tom remained the sole owner of the North Andover based business until the year 2000, when he merged with his brothers, Pete and Paul. This partnership brought on the development of the new 18,000 sq.ft. drive-through lumberyard and 6,000 sq.ft Do It Best hardware store in Bloomington, WI. The business moved to the new location in 2001.

Since the opening of the Bloomington store, there have been some changes through the years! The “Country Corner” gift shop was opened in the fall of 2005. This 840 sq.ft. store was a popular little place until its removal in the fall/winter of 2012 when the hardware store was condensed down to fit the addition of Lumber Tech Columns. In 2008, Tom again became the sole owner of Langmeier Lumber when Pete and Paul formed their own construction and design company. Lumber Tech Columns was started in 2008. The hardware store was condensed down by almost half to accommodate the equipment need to build the columns.

As you have read about our history, you may have noticed that we are constantly trying to keep up with our ever-changing environment. We strive to be very knowledgeable on the newest items – whether it’s lumber and building supplies or the finishing touches of flooring or decorations!
Our Employees
Tom Langmeier
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Jessica Muller
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James Muller
Truck Driver/Yard Manager
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