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16' Feed Bunk

3-Wide 2x10 Lumber with 2x10 sides

30" Tall / Treated legs

Dewalt Sales
Dewalt 20V Chainsaw
$ 229.99
Includes 5Ah battery

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Perma-Column - "What are you building on?"
Why should you have to choose between a foundation that is economical or one that is permanent? Perma-Columns are the first product to combine the economy and speed of post-frame construction with the durability of concrete foundation.

Proven: Concrete is the most proven and durable foundation material known to man.

Economical: Perma-Columns are the most economical method of constructing a post-frame building on concrete.

Safe: Perma Columns are safe and have no harsh chemicals or preservatives like treated wood.
A building is only as permanent as the foundation on which it is built.

"What are you building on?"
Sturdi-Wall (Drill Set)
Choose the Sturdi-Wall bracket when building on an existing concrete foundation. Install with a masonry drill bit and concrete anchors.

Engineered: Pre-engineered column anchors take the guessing out of design work.

Durable: Powder coat finish adds a durable barrier from the elements and will add a professional look to any project.

Economical: Cutting edge production technology guarantees a price that can not be beat.
Sturdi-Wall Plus+ (Wet Set)
Choose the Sturdi-Wall+ bracket when ultimate strength and superior wind resistant are required. Install by wet setting when the foundation is poured.

Plus: All the advantages of standard Sturdi-Wall anchor, Plus the following Convenient Wet set installation eliminates the time consuming drilling process required for concrete anchors.

Strength: Four high strength rebar offer superior resistance to shear, uplift, and bending moment.
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