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Masonite Interior Doors
At Masonite, employees from all parts of the company sales, marketing, research and development, customer service and manufacturing - understand that people love their homes. In the past, homes were purchased to meet functional needs. Today, homes are purchased to meet specific lifestyles and to satisfy the need to create multiple living environments within a single home. To meet these lifestyle needs Masonite continually creates new and innovative products that will make every home more beautiful, more valuable and more enjoyable.

With the ultimate goal of adding beauty and value to every home, Masonite's products are designed and constructed to exacting standards and specifications. All materials - wood, fiberglass, steel or composite- are engineered and carefully selected to ensure lasting durability and timeless performance. For individuals who are building, renovating or redecorating, Masonite products are certain to beautify and accentuate a wide array of architectural home styles.
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